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Why do shia's pray on a rock but shi'a say that first of all aisha wasn't even a muslim let me this clear its not necessary we pray on a rock. Why do muslims pray to that rock no matter where they areand its call the kaba not a rock why do muslims pray to a rock that we now know to be a.

The black stone was originally a single piece of rock but today consists of a number of islamic tradition holds that the black stone fell from jannah to show. You wouldn't think that rock and roll music would be a good fit with the islamic faith, but 30 million records say otherwise salman ahmad is the lead singer and founding member of one of south asia's biggest rock bands - junoon - and can count big name celebrities like al gore and bono as fans. Well there was arock and the muslim ak moderator that went to chechnya to go fight the russians was antiussa a.

#mosquemetoo puts muslim women “between a rock and a hard place” in finally speaking up about the abuse they have suffered, muslim women also have to deal with outsiders using their stories to justify stereotypes. An online rumor alleges that barack obama is a muslim and lied to the american people when he claimed to be a devout christian, a false allegation.

Jerusalem was recaptured by saladin on 2 october 1187, and the dome of the rock was reconsecrated as a muslim shrine the cross on top of the dome was replaced by a crescent, [citation needed] and a wooden screen was placed around the rock below. The dome of the rock is in its core one of the oldest extant works of islamic architecture its architecture and mosaics were patterned after nearby byzantine churches and palaces, although its outside appearance has been significantly changed in the ottoman period and again in the modern period, notably with the addition of the. This passage calls for muslims to be more critical and do not just re-distribute such 'miraculous pictures some said it is a rock in eastern part of saudi. The dome of the rock, the first muslim masterpiece, was built in 687 ac by caliph abd al-malik, half a century after the death of the prophet muhammad (s.

The latest tweets from kent arock'ers (@reporterjail hidup di indonesia cuman sebagai sesama muslim kita harus tetap support semampu kita dan bantu. Yes he is because he kneeled in a muslim praying way in his song with u no u that's not true if he kneeled like muslim do in praying that doesnt mean that hez muslim hez n ot a muslim true said yeah just coz he neeled down doesnt make hiim a muslim. Built atop the earlier location of the temple, the dome of the rock was erected by the muslim ruler abd el-malik in 688-691 because of its situation on bedrock, the numerous earthquakes over the centuries have not caused significant damage to the structure (unlike its neighbor al aqsa mosque.

The third most sacred city in islam is jerusalem, which was the original qibla (direction of prayer) before it was changed to mecca jerusalem is revered because, in muslim tradition, muhammad miraculously traveled to jerusalem by night and ascended from there into heaven. Islam is part of the anti christ movement they hate christians for they know that the true god of abraham is the christian god who is loving and forbids us to claim we are above others as they do by calling others infidels.

Indepth op-eds analysis islam’s jew-hating hadith in context the infamous hadith about the jew hiding behind a tree is not some apocrophyl canon held in esteem by an unimportant few, but runs parallel to. Muslim popular western musicians cat stevens (aka yusuf islam) do you ever wonder what happened to cat stevens (yusuf islam) and what he has been singing since his conversion (reversion) to islam. Still, there are more than 25 million american muslims, making it the third-largest religion in the us while muslims account for just 08% of the population, they have faced rising discrimination and prejudice since the 9/11 attacks 13 years ago with the rise of groups like the islamic state now. Abu huraira reported allah's messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم as saying: the last hour will not come until the muslims fight against the jews and the muslims kill them to the extent that the jews will hide behind a rock or a tree and the rock or the tree will say: o' muslim, the servant of allah, there is a jew behind me come and.

Arock muslim
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